Mary Duercant

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Mary Duercant, daughter of Dirck Williemsz Duercant, died April 1665.1

Mary married Captain Lyon Gardiner, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), before 1624.1,2,3

Mary Duercant left a will dated 19 April 1664, with a codicil dated 15 Jan 1664/5 and proved 6 Jun 1665:
Bee it knowne unto all men by these pnts, that I Mary Gardiner, of Maidstone, als Easthampton upon Long Island, being in good and perfect understanding, I say I do by these presents make my last Will and Testamt.

First I bequeathe my soule to God, and my Body to the Earth from whence it came and mine Estate as followeth.

I give my Island, called the Isle of Wight, (alias Monchonock) to my sonn David, wholly to bee his during his life, and after his decease, to next heire Male; but if he shall dye without any heire Male begotten by him, then my will is, it shall Succeed to the geire male of my Daughter Mary, as an Inheritance; And if shee dye without an heire Male, to succeed to ye heire Male of my Grand Childe Elizabeth Howell, and to be entayled to the first heires Male proceeding from the Body of my deceased Husband Lion Gardiner, and mee, his wife Mary, from time to time forever, never tobee sold from them, but to be a continuousinheritance to the heires of me and my husband forever. But if in future time the heires Maile shall bee extinct, then to succeed to the females in an equall Division, as shall be found most just and equall for the dividing the said island.

2. Second. I give to my daughter Mary Conckling, my whole accommodations at East Hampton, or Maidston, with all the Housing and Priviledges appertaining to the same.

3. I give the one halfe of my Stock, wgt, neat kine, Horse kinde and Sheepe, the one halfe I say I give to my Daughter Mary, to bee divided equally by my Overseers of this my Testament.

4. I give one halfe of all my Household goods to my Daughter Mary, to bee divided by my Overseers in equall parts.

5. I give the other halfe of my stock to my Grand Chiulde Elizabeth Howell, both that which is at the Island, or else where, to bee divided as aforesaid.

6. I give the other Halfe of my Household goods to my Grand Childe Elizabeth, if God bee pleased to continue her tothe Age of fifteene years, then to bee delivered to her by mine Executor whom I appoint to bee my Sonn David, a just Account being taken by my Overseers both of the Stock and Household Goods, after my decease; But, if Shee, my said Grand Chiulde, dye before the age of fifteene years, or before Shee bee Maryed Then the aforesaid Stock and goods shall bee equally divided, and the one part my Sonn David shall have, and the other my daughter Mary, or theire heires.I will also that if my Sonn David please hee shall have the keeping of the stock and Goods, till my foresaid Grand Childe come to the Age aforesaid, hee giving sufficient Security to the Overseers of this my will and Testamt both of the Cattle and Goods, fall to the share of my said Grand Childe: But if my Sonne David shall refuse this, then my Sonn-in-law, Jeremiah Conckling to have the refusall; but if both refuse, Then my will is, That my Overseers take the best way they can for the Security of the said Estate, bequeathed by mee to my Grand Childe Elizabeth.

The Overseers of this my Will and Testament, I desire to bee Mr Thomas James, Minister of the Word of God, and Mr John Mulford, Mr Robert Bond, all of Easthampton. And what time they shall spend, either here, oin the Island about this my Will, I allow them the same as formerly my Husband Lion, deceased in his last Will and Testament hath appointed them. But if any one shall bee deceased, or removed, then any two of them that remaine, to do the worke, as if all three were present, if two bee absent, of these of the Overseers as aforesaid, Then hee that remaines to take or Choose one or two more with him, and with the Consent of my heires, to bee Allowed as aforesaid.

Lastly, my will is my two servants Japhet and Boose, my Sonn David shall have the one and my Daughter Mary the other, my Sonn David Choosing which of them he will have.

Know Also, and this bee understood, that there is a Bill of Twenty-five Pounds left in my hands by my Husband Lion Gardiner, this Bill shall bee discharged to my Sonn-in-law Arthur Howell, or his heirs if my Grand-Childe should dye before shee comes to the age aforesaid. This bill I will to be discharged by my Sonns David and Jeremiah, and they both to part the goods betweene them, for which that Bill was made;

for confirmason of this my will and Testament I set to my hand and Seale.

Mary X Gardiner
her marke

Witnesse: Thomas James, John Mulford, Robert Bond Aprill 19th 1664

I Mary Gardiner, upon good considerason since this my will and Testamt was made, do in all respects confirme the same saving or excepting the Horse kinde upon the Island, my last will being ot give ot hte children of my Sonn David and Daughter Mary Conckling, my Grand Children, all the Horse Kinde betweene them, to be equally divided and improved for their best Advantage, till they come of Age, witnesse my hand

Mary X Gardiner
her marke

Wittnesse: John Mulford, Robert Bond, Thomas James. Janry 15th 1664/5

The probason of this will, the 6th of June [1665] before ye Court of Sessions held in Southould was Attested upon Oathe by two of the Wittnesses, namely Thomas James, John Mulford. By mee Richard Terry, Clarke of the Sessions.

Letters of administration were granted to David Gardiner, son of hte testatrix, Oct. 5th, 1665.4


Captain Lyon Gardiner b. 1599, d. bef. 12 Apr 1664
  • David Gardiner+1 b. 29 Apr 1636, d. 10 Jul 1689
  • Mary Gardiner1,2 b. 29 Apr 1638, d. 15 Jun 1727
  • Elizabeth Gardiner1,2 b. 14 Sep 1641, d. Feb 1657/58


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